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Why get involved?

The purpose of this forum is to bring patients, families, and members of the public together to share ideas and get involved in palliative care and rehabilitation research. Our goal is to make our research more accessible to the people we serve, and your contributions will ensure that the patient and public voice is included in our research. 

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open quoteI got involved to share my experiences in the hope that it would help others understand and appreciate some of the key physical, psychological and emotional challenges, that patients and their carers face dailyclose quote

Carer of someone living with long term and terminal illness

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Some discussions to get involved with

Improving care

Join or start new discussions on research aiming to improve services for people with cancer, respiratory disease, organ failure, and neurological conditions, as well as people living with more than one condition

Living & dying well

Join or start new discussions on research investigating issues relating to how we live and die, including care for older people, support for caregivers, cultural issues, and access to care for disadvantaged groups

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join discussion

Managing symptoms

Join or start new discussions on research into new ways of managing common and distressing symptoms, especially breathlessness, but also pain, fatigue, depression, muscle weakness and muscle spasms.

Measuring changes

Join or start new discussions on research developing, refining, and implementing measures, tools, assessments, questionnaires to help detect meaningful patient-centred changes and outcomes related to palliative care and rehabilitation. 

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