How the Forum Works

This public involvement forum allows you to engage with specific research projects, and with more general discussion forums.


Research Study Forums

These are forums that are specific to a particular research project, and will be listed by project title. You can find out more about each project by clicking into the project specific forum.


Researchers will use these forums to share and ask for feedback on documents (for example study information sheets, or questionnaires they might use), or to prompt discussions on topics specifically related to their research project.


General Discussion Forums

These forums are for discussions about any topic in palliative care and rehabilitation research, where topics can be posted by any forum member.


Help Forum

This forum is for you to post any questions you have about using the forum or if you are having any problems.


Forum posts and approval system

To minimise the likelihood of automated posts or inappropriate content, forum posts may be monitored by forum administrators and require approval before appearing online. Please see our Forum Guidelines before posting your first contribution. 

Our Webinar Series

You will also be able to join us for our bi-yearly webinars where you can learn more about palliative care and rehabilitation research. We also have a webinar section in our general forum where you can suggest topics for future webinars. To find out more about our webinars, please click here

Further help with using the forum

Please click here to view our 'How to register' guide. 

If you have trouble registering or need assistance with this, please contact us at

Once registered, you will be able to access our full Public Involvement 'How to' Guide stored on the Help Forum

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